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SSBBW is the acronym for “Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman.” It symbolizes the change in how we see beauty and what we consider beautiful. As such, it is similar to BBW, which means “Big Beautiful Woman.”

However, there is a difference between these two phrases. As you can guess, to be SSBBW and not BBW, a woman needs to be significantly heavier.

To be SSBBW, a woman needs to weigh at least 400lbs. According to some sources, SSBBW includes even women of 350 lbs and above, but the general consensus is 400 lbs and above. In comparison, to be considered a BBW, a woman needs to be slightly obese, chubby, and plump – around 200 lbs to 350 lbs.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that 350 or 400 lbs don’t look the same on every woman. Some 400 lbs women will look larger than other women of the same weight. However, they are all beautiful, and with that in mind, let’s delve deeper into the meaning of SSBBW.

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SSBBW Origin

This acronym originated in the plus-size community. Phrases and acronyms like this serve to show that bigger women can still be beautiful. However, their meaning goes much deeper than just physical beauty. SSBBW and similar phrases also show that overweight women are just as worthy of love and respect as their skinny peers.

For several decades, skinny women have been the epitome of female beauty. Fashion trends complimented skinny bodies, and there weren’t nice clothes for plus-size women. Not many female celebrities could be fat if they wanted successful careers.

The 1990s and 2000s saw the rise of heroin chic, with super-skinny and anorexic models setting trends for all women. Regular girls and women were encouraged to be skinny. Otherwise, they would be ridiculed by society.

In short, being skinny was imperative for girls and women all around the world. However, the plus-size community started “fighting back” through the fat acceptance movement. Its goal was to prove that women of all sizes could be beautiful and equally deserving as everyone else.

To achieve that, the plus-size community had to change the mindset of the whole society. One of the ways to do that was through language.

Phrases/acronyms such as SSBBW and BBW planted the idea that bigger women can be beautiful. As a result, bigger women are more accepted and visible than they were in the past few decades.

How to Use the SSBBW Acronym Correctly

While this acronym has an empowering and positive meaning, you should be careful of how you use it. For example, some women who belong to the SSBBW category might feel uncomfortable if you refer to them that way.

Additionally, in certain situations, such as formal events or when meeting new people, using SSBBW might be inappropriate. You should only use this acronym in situations that ask for it. In other words, read the room and be aware of the context and how your words might affect others.

Examples of Use in Conversation

Just like with any other phrase or slang, you should know how to use SSBBW properly. You don’t want to insult someone or embarrass yourself by using this acronym improperly. Here are some examples of how you can use SSBBW:

  • Tessa Holiday is gorgeous, a real SSBBW!
  • I mostly date BBW, but I met a stunning SSBBW yesterday.
  • This fashion line is perfect for the SSBBW who want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Similar Phrases and Acronyms

There are several other phrases that celebrate bigger female bodies. We already mentioned BBW, which means a “big beautiful woman.” Keep in mind that this same acronym can mean a “Big Black Woman” or a “Black Beautiful Woman.”

Some other fat-positive phrases that refer to bigger women are:

  • Curvy
  • Curvaceous
  • Plus-size
  • Full-figured
  • Voluptuous
  • Rubenesque
  • Buxom

Be wary of how you use each one of these phrases. Depending on the context, these phrases might be flattering, but they can also feel insulting.

SSBBW and Its Role for Plus-Size Community

We already mentioned how SSBBW and similar phrases truly shifted the narrative from fat = bad to big = beautiful. However, the change happened not only for the society as a whole. By adopting the fat-positive language, bigger women started accepting themselves and becoming more confident.

Furthermore, the fashion and beauty industry also accepted the fact that big women can be beautiful. As a result, the fashion industry has become more inclusive, first by employing bigger models.

Only two decades ago, models with excess weight could forget about walking the runway. Nowadays, plus-size models such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday are ruling the catwalk.

Bigger women also had it hard to find fitting clothes. Oftentimes, if the clothes were fitting, they were hideous, and if they were cute, they weren’t fitting. Recently, many fashion brands have been selling clothes that fit even the biggest women while still looking great and fashionable.

Big women have also become more visible in the public eye. In the past, they were often pushed away, while now they have almost the same opportunities as skinny women. The accent is on the “almost” because there is still a long way to go until big women become fully accepted and equal.

Since SSBBW and similar phrases played a vital role in fat acceptance, you may wonder if you can use SSBBW to describe a big man. Since the “W” in “SSBBW” stands for a “woman,” this acronym doesn’t include big men.

However, big men can also be beautiful, and there is a BHM acronym that means “big handsome man.”


SSBBW, short for “super-size, big, beautiful woman,” is an acronym that you can expect to see more often in the future. As the body positivity and fat acceptance movements become more popular, our society will see big women even more beautiful.

However, no matter how empowering this acronym might be, you still need to educate yourself on its meaning and make sure to use it only when it is appropriate. Stay educated and act respectfully!

What Does SSBBW Mean? - TheBoBs.com (2024)
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