The Mermaid Bob Is Making A Splash In Salons This Summer (2024)

Summer’s here, and so is our next bob obsession. We’re swimming into salons this season with only one request on our lips: how to nail the relaxed elegance of the mermaid bob.

What Is A Mermaid Bob?

‘A mermaid bob is a short, wavy hairstyle,’ explains Rozina Allamani, a Hair Stylist at Blush + Blow London. ‘It can be executed on most chin- to shoulder-length bobs. Mermaid bobs aren’t really “cut” a specific way. It’s more about the styling, with an emphasis on a really relaxed and dreamy look – like a mermaid.’

The hairstyle is a much shorter take on the viral mermaid waves trend, condensing a loose, relaxed wave pattern into a bob haircut. These waves are often found in mermaid-like, beachy hair, hence the name.

And while this isn’t necessarily a new cut – we’ve always been a fan of mermaid waves – it’s been experience a new surge of popularity thanks to the bob lens. A number of celebrities have been customising their bobs with these signature waves in recent months, including the likes ofGigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Haley Bieber and Natalie Portman, setting off a wider trend across salons and, inevitably, TikTok (where you’ll find almost 20 million videos listed under #mermaidbobhair).

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But what draws us to mermaid waves specifically?‘Mermaid waves have gained popularity over the years because they offer a relaxed and bohemian look, reminiscent of beach-inspired styles,’ Elena Lavagni, owner and founder ofNeville Hair & Beauty, told us earlier this year, when the hairstyle made multiple appearances at Couture Fashion Week.‘The look is often associated with a carefree and natural vibe, young and fresh a different proposition appealing to those who desire an easygoing and romantic appearance.’

And in a bob format, they take on an even more relaxed appearance. ‘It’s super low maintenance for day to day life,’ agrees Rozina. ‘This is a style that enhances the beauty of your natural texture. It’s also pretty foolproof when it comes to home styling; anyone with a bob and the right tools can give it a go.’

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

Before catching those waves, you first need to decide if a bob is right for you. ‘There are loads of different bobs to try, but not every one will be suitable,’ says Rozina. ‘Your stylist can help you on deciding the best length while considering your face shape and hair texture.’ By tailoring the cut to you first, you give yourself a better chance of wearing the bob to your taste.

How To Ask For A Mermaid Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘I would recommend you bring a picture with you,’ says Rozina. ‘There are so many trends out there these days, all with different names – andone stylist’s version of a mermaid bob may be slightly different to what your idea of it might be.

‘Come to the salon with your reference images, and you and your stylist can then have a consultation,’ she continues. ‘You’ll talk through the things to consider, like your hair texture, face shape, lifestyle and expectations for styling and maintenance. Your stylist will then give your hair a good wash using products suitable for your hair type. If you don’t have a bob already, they will cut a straight and relatively simple bob. It will then simply be a matter of styling; once blow dried, your stylist will create the iconic mermaid waves using either a mermaid wand or straighteners, finishing it off with some texturing spray.’

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How To Style A Mermaid Bob

Your styling routine will depend on the natural texture of your hair. ‘If the hair is naturally wavy, you could try using a sea salt spray or mouse to define the waves,’ says Rozina. ‘If your hair needs more of a nudge, then using heat styling tools like straighteners,tongs or a wand is perfect.’

What Next?

Stylist only see longevity when it comes to this hairstyle. ‘I think it it’s going to be around for a long time, as it’s a very beautiful hairstyle and so versatile,’ muses Rozina. ‘There are a lot more ways to wear it – fringe or no fringe, long or short – that make mermaid waves a never-ending trend.’

Hair Inspiration

Featured Image: Elise Wilcox, Unsplash

The Mermaid Bob Is Making A Splash In Salons This Summer (2024)
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