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  • Sandals' all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages and resorts in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua & the Bahamas feature gorgeous tropical settings for couples in love. Experience the perfect Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas or St. Lucia all inclusive vacation, luxury weddings, or honeymoons.

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  • Welcome to the official Salt Water Sandals USA shop. Browse our new styles and colors. Shop the sandal that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Welcome to the official Salt Water Sandals USA shop. Browse our new styles and colors. Shop the sandal that is perfect for any occasion. Free shipping on your first order.

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  • Discover 5-star holidays with Sandals Resorts and enjoy the finest luxury holiday destinations at an all-inclusive Caribbean beach resort today.


  • TRAVEL AGENT PORTAL. REGISTER BOOKINGS. CREATE ACCOUNT. 1. Log into your Agent ... NOTE: Always request the Sandals or Beaches booking number from the Tour.

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  • Variety of Supplier Incentives and Agent Rates in one central place

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  • Discover over 60 Club Med all-inclusive resorts around the world and be welcomed as a family, a couple, a group of friends, or a solo traveler.

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  • sign in or join. Search. Book Now. resorts; Deals · Inclusions · For Everyone ... Resorts For Everyone by Sandals. Enter to win 4 days in paradise. Sign Up to ...

  • Locate a travel agent near you to learn more about Beaches Resorts all-inclusive vacation packages. These agents receive recognition for being Beaches experts.

Sandals Travel Agent Login (2024)


How much commission do Sandals pay? ›

Sandals and Beaches offer highly competitive commissions starting at 4% across all travel products from luxury suites to private candlelight dinners—Sandals and Beaches offer true luxury all-inclusive getaways.

Are Sandals travel agents free? ›

Many people are surprised to learn that the services of a Sandals travel agent are free. That's right – there is no extra charge to utilize the services of a Sandals vacation planner. Sandals pays travel agencies a commission to help clients plan their trips.

What is the phone number for Sandals inside sales? ›

To verify if your agency is enrolled in our CSS database please contact Inside Sales at 1-800-487-7324.

What is a CRC with Sandals? ›

Sandals Resorts Chairman's Royal Club. Chairman's Royal Club, "CRC" for short, is a really big deal with Sandals. And its a very exclusive club. Are you a Certifiedifiied Sandals Specdialist and wwnat lear how to becoems a "CRC"

How much do Sandals travel agents make? ›

The average Travel Consultant base salary at Sandals Resorts is $41K per year.

Do Sandals employees make good money? ›

The estimated hourly salary range of the Hospitality & Leisure industry where SANDALS Resorts is located is between $39 and $51, and its average hourly salary is about $45. The company's revenue is about $5M - $10M, and its salary level is estimated to be slightly lower than that of the same industry.

Do travel agents get to fly free? ›

Not all travel agents get to travel for free. However, they have many opportunities to secure free travel if they take the initiative and get their IATAN card. The chance for free travel depends on factors such as the agent's performance, client base, and the relationship they have with hotels and cruise lines.

Is it cheaper to book all inclusive through travel agent? ›

The Cons of booking an all-inclusive resort with a Travel Agent are that it typically costs you more than booking the resort yourself. By using a Travel Agent or Agency, you're paying for someone else to take care of the booking for you, often adding on an additional $100-$200.

Do Sandals employees get discounts? ›

BONUS! Book with us and get an extra 2% off your vacation with the Employee Discount Program!

What does 777 mean for sandals? ›

Sandals 777 deals can be the cheapest way to book a Sandals or Beaches resort. Each week, Sandals offers a special promotion on 7 select rooms, for 7 days where you can take advantage of an additional 7% off Sandals or Beaches rack rates.

What time of year is cheapest at sandals? ›

Low Season

That's when Sandals lowers their rates significantly to encourage people to book during these times. The low season is from July to early November. Rates can be as low as $225 per person nightly, depending on what Sandals resort you book.

Do you still tip at sandals? ›

Sandals and Beaches want to ensure all guests receive a quality resort experience, regardless if they tip, so with few exceptions Sandals and Beaches have a no tipping policy.

Why are they called sandals? ›

The English word sandal derives under influence from Middle French sandale from the Latin sandalium and is first attested in Middle English in the form sandalies. The Latin term derived from Greek sandálion (σανδάλιον), the diminutive of sándalon (σάνδαλον), of uncertain origin.

What does it mean to be a preferred sandals agency? ›

A Preferred Sandals Specialist specializes in selling Sandals. These agents and their agencies receive recognition not only from Sandals as a loyal partner, but are also recognized by the industry and the consumers as Sandals experts.

How to become a certified sandals specialist? ›

CSS Workshop

The first step to becoming a Certified Sandals Specialist is to complete and submit the Enrollment Form. Then attend a fun and informative CSS workshop. There's 1 workshop per year in an area near you, typically in the spring time. It lasts for 4 hours and breakfast is typically provided.

Do you tip staff at Sandals Resorts? ›

You'll be happy to know that except for butlers; tipping is included, and you won't need to shell out any money for tips while on vacation. The resort handles the tipping, and you're free to enjoy your vacay.

How much do Sandals butlers make per year? ›

Pay TypeRangeMedian
Base PayEC$17K - EC$19KEC$18K/yr
TipsEC$137K - EC$151KEC$144K/yr
Apr 9, 2024

How much do Sandals resort managers make? ›

$88K (Median Total Pay)

The estimated total pay range for a Manager at Sandals Resorts is $66K–$120K per year, which includes base salary and additional pay. The average Manager base salary at Sandals Resorts is $77K per year.

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