Brookie Blonde Is The Super Sweet Hair Colour Of Summer (2024)

While beautiful, blonde hair isn’t always the easiest to maintain – especially during summer, when the sun is even more primed than usual to bring out any lingering brassiness. Lucky for us, brookie blonde is set to sweep in this season with the ultimate low-maintenance hair colour. Here’s how to get the look.

What Is Brookie Blonde?

‘Brookie Blonde, a delicious hybrid of cookie and blondie tones, is a blend of brown and blonde tones, creating a natural, sun-kissed look that’s versatile and suits all skin tones,’ explains Jason Collier, hairstylist and Key Opinion Leader at Jerome Russell Bblonde. ‘ It’s a popular choice because it offers the best of both worlds – the sultry depth of brunette with the joyful brightness of blonde.’

‘This trend combines the richness of brown with the brightness of blonde, resulting in a multidimensional and sophisticated colour,’ adds Jason Crozier, Art Director atNevilleHair & Beauty, who also says that the colour has been experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to its natural, low-maintenance look. ‘It’s a shade that’s gaining popularity due to its versatile and low-maintenance nature; it offers a natural look that grows out beautifully, reducing the frequency of salon visits. As people continue to seek personalised and unique hair colours, brookie blonde provides a customisable option that can be tailored to individual preferences. Its appeal lies in its ability to enhance natural beauty with a polished, effortless vibe.’

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Brookie blonde is forecasted to be one of the biggest hair colours of the summer – again, for its low-maintenance appeal. ‘This hair colour is popular for summer because it enhances facial features, adds dimension, and provides a low-maintenance yet trend-led style that grows out seamlessly,’ agrees Collier.

How Does It Differ From Other Shades Of Blonde?

While it might look like bronde or blonde hair, our experts maintain that brookie blonde has its own defining characteristics.‘Brookie blonde hair is different from other blonde shades because it blends brown and blonde tones for a multidimensional, natural look, without a stark contrast,’ says Collier. ‘Unlike traditional blondes, which can range from cool platinum to warm honey, brookie blonde mixes light and dark highlights and lowlights, offering a balanced, lower-maintenance alternative. This blend creates a sun-kissed, effortless style that doesn’t need the frequent touch-ups typical of pure blonde shades.

‘Also, the subtle mix of colours in brookie blonde suits a wider range of skin tones and hair textures, which makes it a more versatile and bespoke in appearance, compared to most blonde tones,’ he adds.

Crozier also points out the more emphasis on blending.‘Think of it as adual-tone approach, seamlessly blending brunette and blonde for a natural, sun-kissed effect,’ he says. ‘Unlike single-tone blondes or traditional highlights, brookie blonde uses a strategic mix of both colours to create a more dynamic and textured look. This makes it stand out as it provides a perfect balance between warmth and depth, suitable for various skin tones.’

Who Suits This Colour?

The more muted tone of this hair colour makes it much more versatile than your standard blonde, our experts tell us, which in turn can make it easier to adapt to a wide range of skin tones and hair textures. ‘Brookie blonde is particularly flattering for those with medium to olive skin tones, as the blend of warm and cool shades can enhance their natural complexion,’ says Crozier. ‘The colour works well on both straight and wavy hair, adding dimension and movement. It’s versatile enough to be adapted for various hair types and personal styles.’

‘It also looks quite striking on those with warm undertones, as the mix of blonde and brown hues enhances the natural warmth of their complexion, giving a naturally sun-kissed glow effect,’ agrees Collier. ‘Brookie blonde works beautifully with all different hair textures, from straight to wavy and curly, because the combination of shades adds depth and dimension, highlighting the natural movement of the hair.’

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How To Ask For Brookie Blonde In The Salon (& What To Expect)

Sold on the colour? It’s time to head to check in with your hair stylist.‘When asking forBrookieBlonde in the salon, bring reference photos to clearly communicate the look you want,’ recommends Crozier. ‘Describe it as a blend of brunette and blonde tones that create a sun-kissed, dimensional effect. Mention that you’re looking for a mix that provides both depth and brightness without stark contrasts. It’s helpful to discuss the specific tones and how they blend together to achieve the desired outcome.’

How To Maintain Brookie Blonde Hair

As is the case with coloured hair, you’ll need to keep the colour maintained with a combination of products and lifestyle changes. ‘To maintain Brookie Blonde, use colour-safe shampoos and conditioners to preserve the vibrancy of the colour,’ says Crozier. ‘Regular deep conditioning treatments will help keep the hair healthy and shiny. It’s also beneficial to use products that protect against UV damage and heat styling to prevent colour fading.’

Since this is a shade of blonde, you’ll also need a toner. ‘To ensure an ongoing natural blend, you will need to use a toner, as this will help neutralise any brassy tones and blend the colours smoothly,’ says Collier. ‘When it comes to aftercare, you will need to use a shampooandconditioner designed for colour treated hair to maintain your brookie shade. I also recommend incorporating a deep conditioning, or Plex treatment once a week to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Finally, avoid excessive heat styling to preserve the colour and health of your hair.’

What Next?

Both of our experts see a greater shift towards personalisation when it comes to brookie blonde. ‘I think we will see stylists incorporating a broader palette of blonde and brown tones, and even maybe some copper hues, in order to create a more tailored shade,’ says Collier. ‘I think professionals will experiment with ashier browns and cool blondes for those who prefer less warmth, and richer caramels and golds for a more vibrant look. It will become a completely bespoke technique, based on individual hair goals, skin tone and hair texture.’

‘Brookie blonde is likely to evolve with variations in the balance of brunette and blonde tones,’ agrees Crozier. ‘As personalisation continues to be a significant trend, we might see more customised blends that cater to individual preferences, such as adding subtle hints of other colours like caramel or ash tones for additional depth.’

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Brookie Blonde Is The Super Sweet Hair Colour Of Summer (2024)
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