Multi-instrumental Producer/ Rapper based in Amsterdam.

Half of producer-duo Lèlèman & Thierry Ganz

Known for his mellow sounds and smooth guitar licks,

Lèlèman is a young artist from the Antillean island of Bonaire.

Currently in Amsterdam Lèlèman has been working on various projects Alongside Thierry Ganz as well as with various Dutch artists.

Be on the lookout for his unique sound

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Thierry Ganz
Thierry Ganzclose

Producer/ singer based in Amsterdam

Half part of producer-duo Leleman & Thierry Ganz

Thierry started making music at age 16 in Suriname. He got heavily inspired by house music and started producing.

He's currently based in Amsterdam to pursue his musical ambitions.

Being in a completely different and life changing environment, his music gradually started to become more mature and organic. He started experimenting with a more alternative sound that also connected him more with his multicultural background.

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